In this past week, I had three opportunities to download different variations of “The Ultimate Guide To …” One was for blogging, another, writing powerful content and the other, an ultimate guide to new business development.

I cringe when I see this word in the title – all of which makes me think: “Why do we see so many Ultimate Guides?”

And what makes us think that what’s been written – is truly the ultimate?

  • Ultimate means the last, the farthest as in the ultimate point in the journey.
  • Ultimate means the final – it’s impossible to go beyond, or not to be improved upon

You get it. Ultimate means nothing – not anything on this planet – is better than this.

In this ever-changing marketing world, nothing is ultimate. If you accept an ultimate guide as being ultimate, then there’s no room for improvement or change. It’s static and surely to become yesterday’s old news.

My personal favorite is the “Ultimate Guide To Learning SEO.” Hello there! Did you know that Google had an algorithm change two days ago?

I admit, I’m guilty of a number of times in my career of using The Ultimate Guide – however, like the word sale, it’s lost its credibility.

The word ultimate, in my opinion, is a lazy way to create an effective title and if you can’t write an effective title, then should you really be writing an Ultimate Guide?

Ultimately … it’s up to you.