Have you ever had a lingering idea that you’ve always wanted to try? You know, it’s that great idea that gnaws at you and won’t go away. So, you end up sending it on a one-way trip to your mind-cave – your dungeon of great ideas and dreams. You’re too preoccupied with your business to even think about it. And the years go by.

If this sounds like you, then you’re stuck in the present and unable to see your future.

I’m witness to an incredible amount of talent – owners, leaders and CEOs in both the hospitality and ad agency fields – who wish they could find the time to do ‘something bigger’ than what they’re doing now – like resurrecting their dusty old ideas out of their mind-cave to see if they can bring any of them to life.

If this is you, then make your move now! Because – as we get older, the mind ‘enjoys’ being stuck and no longer has the willpower to change. Over time, it has forgotten how.

Our lives are speeding by; the time to make your dreams come true is now.

Joel Cohen is the founder of CEO Stars – www.ceostars.com – a unique concept with a community of over 105 ad agency CEOs. Cohen is also the founder of Dreamland, USA – ‘An Imagineering Community’ – that helps leaders accomplish their ‘impossible.’