No, not the the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, but another team that pulls together with one common goal: to win.

Currently, over 100 independent ad agency owners are mavericks. Mavericks because they decided to do something different: break from traditional associations and become part of a new-generation concept called ‘CEO Stars.’

Eschewing exorbitant dues and expensive meetings at resorts, the maverick owners were looking for something much more productive that would give them an edge over their competition, help them become more profitable, and help them achieve success much faster.

They wanted attention to their issues rather than being lost in a crowd of mega-agencies. In other words, they were seeking something that truly works ‘in their favor.’ And now they’re getting it. And in a concept-format that’s unlike any other association you may be familiar with.

One Denver agency CEO said, “After all of these years, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

The results have been astounding. One Denver agency CEO said, “After all of these years, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” Agency revenues are increasing as they tap into the knowledge of other agency leaders, together solving problems, sharing ideas and learning how others are running their agencies.

Hearing how other agency executives are dealing with similar the challenges is comforting. More important is the easy access to learning what others are doing to stay ahead in this ever-changing business.

In any given week, it’s common for a CEO Stars agency owner to send out an “SOS” email to their fellow ‘Stars’ members requesting information or advice – something they need to know right away that makes their agency more effective. Or, it could be a tough decision that has to be made that falls heavy on your shoulders and you need instant support.

Within minutes, the responses are flying in, conversations are going back and forth, so action can be implemented immediately. Whether it’s assistance for a presentation to internal policies and systems to a new business approach that works, CEO Stars’ ad agency leaders know they’re much smarter together, than they are alone.

CEO Stars is not for every ad agency owner, but for those looking for a much better chance for success, for those looking for more knowledge, for those agencies that may be stopped, stale, stopped or stuck, if there’s a little bit of maverick inside of you, then some CEO Stars ‘ad agency love’ may be the right remedy for you.

Joel Cohen is the founder of CEO Stars – – a unique concept with a community of over 105 ad agency CEOs. Cohen is also the founder of Dreamland, USA – ‘An Imagineering Community’ – that helps leaders accomplish their ‘impossible.’