When someone says they want to be held accountable, we accept that as the norm for CEOs. But should we?

Some CEOs feel more at ease with the pressure of having their feet held to the fire when it comes to accountability.

Peeling away the layers, accountability is an ‘old-thinking crutch’ that can indicate a difficulty in accomplishment for chief executive officers – unless there’s a mild threat put to the assignment. It’s a quick-fix bandage that hides the real issue — subconsciously being stuck in fear of success and an inability to conquer as a CEO.

While most will believe a consultant is an answer (another crutch), the truth is that engaging in a ‘thinking partner/personal project manager’ is more effective for CEOs seeking accountability.

The consultant will offer tactical ‘doing’… the ‘Thinking Partner’ will guide your ‘being’ as a CEO – instilling the fearless superpower in you, challenging your way of thinking, and nudging you to stay on course as a business leader.

Throw away the crutches. A ‘thinking partner/personal project manager’ that focuses on your ‘being’ as a CEO can play a critical role in ‘Re-thinking the CEO Operating System’ and improving accountability for business leaders.


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