It’s the time of the year when all the pundits and gurus ‘predict’ next year’s digital marketing trends that are going to make your business better and easier.

How will digital impact your business? How will digital make your business more profitable? What’s the next platform that’s going herd customers together?

History shows that everything and anything that’s digital will transform to something better. There will always be a better digital way … a better digital trend … a new and improved platform. That what’s shiny now will always get shinier.

Technology will advance and morph into the ‘age of robots’ (we’re on the cusp of that right now) where we won’t have to ‘think’ any more. We’ll be button pressers.

Press a button. Hit a keyboard or better yet, a shortcut on the keyboard. Easier than that, just make a vocal command. That’s called the ‘short-shortcut.’

An attractive yet deceptive illusion that the shortcut is the more effective way to increasing revenues will make 2019, as I proclaim, ‘The Year of the Shortcut.’

While everyone’s rubbing their crystal ball projecting what’s going to change, the bigger question is, “What’s NOT going to change?”

The shocking answer:

What’s not going to change is the ‘wiring network of the human mind.’ Unless you’ve had a lobotomy, what’s not going to change are emotions, the need for human connections and the ability to dream.

While platforms such as Instagram and Facebook bring people together, there’s no real feelings or emotional attachment. Emoticons just don’t do the trick.

One only needs to look at the paradox of online dating services. A digital advancement that brings people together online without emotions by filling out a form for the purpose of creating human emotions; for the purpose of meeting and interacting and hopefully finding a mate and falling in love. In other words, for this digital program to work, you’ve got to cross the ‘digital to human’ chasm.

Software and various digital technology platforms have a real purpose in the business world but will never be able to build the imagination or critical thinking so vital in growing a business and collection of great clients. 

So, while you’re enjoying the myriad of top ten lists of digital trends that will shape your business, your world and your life, remember that the ‘wiring network of the human mind’ is more powerful than digital technology will ever be.

Don’t be deceived, otherwise 2019 will be your ‘Year of the Shortcut.’ 


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