When people and businesses are open to ‘change out of necessity,’ how will you and your agency change? If you don’t think you have to get re-wired then you’re kidding yourself. You can bury the same-old, same-old. Here are the top five lies – the myths that will dig the deepest hole your agency has ever been in as others are shifting forward: 

#1 Lie – What you know now is enough to get you through this crisis. This one of the biggest lies you’ll encounter. As you move into un-chartered territory, you will need to know more; you will need to expand into other areas. As your clients’ businesses change, your old ‘habits, strategies and tactics’ will have to change. It’s not comfortable, but it’s the new entry fee to succeeding in this unfortunate landscape.

#2 Lie – Your perfect system of running your ad agency is working. A huge second lie. It was working a few months ago, but now now your team is working from home. That means productivity will vary depending on the environment of the team member at home, dealing with kids, a partner also working, or even dealing with isolation. Changes in productivity may also mean changes in performance reviews, bonuses and more. And there’s no more impressing the boss that you’re always the last one to leave the office.

#3 Lie – Calling your client and asking, “How can I help” works and just feels good. Maybe it feels good to you, but it’s the third lie. Your clients and prospects have fielded numerous calls using this same worn-out trite cliché. It’s robotic. Just like “checking-in” or “touching base.” You need to provide specific value by asking some relevant questions of which the answers will determine how you can help and provide value for your clients.

#4 Lie – This is not the right time to do new business development and generate leads.  This is another big lie. New business should never stop, but the approach needs to be softened with offers of providing value and helping. Now is the best time ever to offer value-help. Your clients and prospects need you and your leadership. There will be no better time when people are open to change.

#5 Lie – Clients don’t want to talk about marketing now! Ouch. The final lie and one of the biggest. Your clients do want to talk about marketing but in a different way. They’re looking for real, sensible solutions to get back to productivity and to restore the trust and loyalty of their own customers. They need someone to guide them through recovery. You once helped them grow, now you can help them recover.