I’m always asked, “What’s the difference between good service and good experience?”

Service is more tactical: it’s about your team doing things promptly and courteously.

Experience is more emotional: it’s how your customer feels.

Your mind easily differentiates between the two. How? Think “Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme.”

Service is what the customer gets inside Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s good service, but there’s nothing special to rave about. In other words, there’s no experience.

Experience is the feeling the customer gets inside Krispy Kreme. It’s great, definitely special with sights, sounds and aromas … and something to rave about.

While good service does contribute to the overall experience, it doesn’t necessarily equate to a good experience. There’s much more to it.

Focus on the “much more to it.”

Joel Cohen is the founder of CEO Stars – www.ceostars.com – a unique concept with a community of over 105 ad agency CEOs. Cohen is also the founder of Dreamland, USA – ‘An Imagineering Community’ – that helps leaders accomplish their ‘impossible.’