One of Denver’s most successful advertising agency CEOs jumped for glee after attending his first session with 8 other agency owners from around the country. “I’ve been looking for this for years,” he shouted out.

It’s the same feeling of relief and exhilaration that over 51 ad agency mavericks get when they realize they’re part of a community of peers, sharing ideas, solving problems and best business practices and getting instant feedback.

CEO Stars is a ‘new-generation’ concept that is strictly about agency growth. Tougher today to run an ad agency than it was ten years ago, CEO Stars helps agency leaders stay ahead of the learning curve, not only in the arenas of traditional and digital marketing, but in the various complex issues of running a profitable business.

CEO Stars agency owners eschew the larger ad agency associations. In a ‘roll-up-your- sleeves’ work ethic, members are now running more profitable agencies and have a remarkable team of peers to call on 24/7 for support.

For agency owners who feel alone, have no one trustworthy to talk to, are lacking ideas and are stressed with the burdens of running the business, CEO Stars is the only remedy to turn to. Each advisory group has stayed together, building formidable relationships for over 5 years. No on leaves – a unique testimonial to the value of this one-of-a-kind concept.

Currently agency members are experiencing up to a 23% increase in revenues from the ideas and best practices that are shared among each other.

It takes a maverick to be part of CEO Stars – an executive who’s driven, successful and wants to learn more with less stress. More importantly, it takes guts for an agency owner to realize that isolation is painful and detrimental to future growth and then be willing to be part of a unique peer membership advisory group.

To hear how you can take the next step to running a better agency and increase future revenues and to find out more about the ‘path to membership’ that ensures CEO Stars is a right fit for you, send me a message.