I’m always asked to describe the ad agency leaders who are CEO Stars’ members.

Posing for pictures after our annual ‘2-Day Intensive’ in Denver, you can tell by their shoes. They’re sharp, detailed, knowledgeable, successful and ‘next-generation.’

If you were in one of these shoes, you would have walked away with a new shine: a precise understanding of the proper messaging that gets heard, a different and proven new business tactic that leads busy CMOs to take notice of you plus, 18 solid financial tips that add more dollars to your bottom line.

There were no high-paid consultants, giving their opinions from the outside – only a team of successful ad agency owners who understand what works and what doesn’t – the reality gained from deep inside the real trenches of the business.

Some of the shoes came in a little scruffy looking, but after two days and two million dollars of ideas – it was a two-day shoe shine. If or when your shoes could use some polishing, then look at www.CeoStars.com – there may be a fit.