Knowing and writing are two different things. Our mind tells us we know, but when tasked with actually taking what we know and putting it in writing, the challenge can be daunting. You don’t really know it, unless you can put it in writing.

So, we tend to go through our business life knowing ‘stuff’ in our mind – not realizing that we probably don’t know it until we write it down.

For years, people have talking up Sinek’s “Why”- and praising it for its simplicity in setting a corporate journey that unifies your team.

In working with ad agency CEOs in CEO Stars, the question of ‘why’ is often posed. The difficulty of finding your ‘why’ is a struggle.

Agency CEO @Dick Maggiore recently wrote a great article on finding your ‘why.’ He says, “Why is defined by why your company exists beyond making money. Money is the result, but ‘why’ is about a deeper understanding of the underlying emotion. It’s what drives the people in the organization and what drives the customers to purchase its products. It’s making a case that we buy on emotions.”

What’s the emotional end result for your customers and clients?

Can you take the why challenge? Why do you do what you do? What’s the emotional end result for your customers and clients? Write it down; play with it; let it digest for a day then revisit it.

Here’s my why: “CEO Stars brings remarkable ad agency owners together so they can feel the comfort of being together, developing great bonds, sharing and helping each other grow faster, and with less stress.”

Take the challenge: what’s your why and … what emotion do you want your end-users to feel?