mir•a•cle: A miracle is a highly improbable unexpected event, a development, or an accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

Each month, a select group of agency owners/CEOs – meet by video conference and perform miracles – at least 150 of them a month – insightful business changing events – things that just weren’t expected to happen. For example, here are some of the most recent miracles:

  • A new-business presentation tweak that resulted in a higher close rate.
  • The most unusual and useful tip for building client/prospect trust that no one does.
  • A new idea in the digital space that will differentiate this one agency from others.
  • The most incredible new business presentation: “Break the Pitch,”
  • Collaboration with another agency owner to win an improbable piece of business.
  • A phenomenal research source to help everyone get ‘smarter.”
  • A revolutionary ‘mergers & acquisitions’ concept.
  • In one session alone, developed two AR ‘healthcare category’ concepts.
  • A new way to show agency capabilities that no one else is doing.
  • A unique new-business development approach that is opening doors to the C-Suite. 
  • Eight agency owners teamed-up to publish a book and now use it as a phenomenal new business tool.
  • Eight agency owners are pooling software resources for a savings of over $60,000 per year/per agency.
  • An agency shared a digital infrastructure that provides a seamless workflow with creatives. 
  • Shared how owners are utilizing their financial systems for streamlining workflow.

Here’s the Biggest Miracle: Most agencies are increasing revenues by up to 28% from the operation, management and new business ideas they’re getting from each other.

Each month, we’re making miracles happen: new insights, new game-changing knowledge. Ideas that no one expected, ideas that you can only learn about from your peers in the business. 

The race for new knowledge and ideas is an endless marathon. As a group, we’re much smarter together than we are alone. 

CEO Stars, now with over 70 ad agency CEO members, is a unique fast-growing concept – a ‘next-generation’ concept for a ‘new breed’ of agency owners with a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed. 

Are you interested in hearing how you can be part of a select group agency CEOs from across the country (no geographical conflicts), meeting live via video conference for an hour each month?

Reply and let me know … You can sit in on a session as our guest and feel the energy, take part in the ideas and problem-solving discussions … and then see if this is a fit for you. 

If you believe in ad agency miracles, let me know and we’ll make some happen for you.


Joel Cohen is the founder of CEO Stars – www.ceostars.com – a unique concept with a community of over 105 ad agency CEOs. Cohen is also the founder of Dreamland, USA – ‘An Imagineering Community’ – that helps leaders accomplish their ‘impossible.’