I know you’ve wanted to say it, but you’ve (rightfully so) held back. We’ve all been there – a prospect that needs your expertise and after hours and hours of work and presentation development time, they decide on going with a competitor possibly with less experience and possibly costing less.

There are many factors, most we’re not aware of, that go into this ‘contest’ to arrive at the final decision. Most will say the key is ‘chemistry.’

Is it possible that with all your communications and presentations to prove you’re right for the business, that you’re most likely strong on logic, but short on ‘emotional persuasion?’

Whether it be pre or during the presentation, have you aligned your communication with how a CEO thinks – sales, profits, shareholders. Important factors, but when decisions are by logic and emotion, did you take the emotional route by poking at the CEO’s subconscious feelings?

For example, explaining to the CEO, “Imagine what it’s going to be like and how great you’re going to feel, when you’re standing on the podium, addressing your staff and shareholders, and saying that ‘with all the challenges you had to overcome, I’m happy to report that we not only accomplished our profit goals this quarter, but we exceeded them by 12%!’ And you then get a standing ovation.”

Then you say, “That’s what we’re going to do for you.”

Or the CMO, whose position is ever-changing, and in an aside conversation, “We understand the pressures of your position; some on our staff have been there, and that’s why we’re going to work our asses off to make you and your team the heroes.”

This unconventional approach may or may not work for you, but there’s one thing that’s guaranteed: you will be remembered because you poked and revved-up the CEO’s emotions to succeed and feel great.

We all have different levels of communicating ‘persuasion’ yet have you ever considered the use of ‘emotional persuasion’ to paint a picture of fulfilling hope and dreams that resonate with your prospect’s heart strings?

In an age of ‘agency presentation similarity,’ emotional persuasion could be the tie-breaker you need.