Above is a magic wand.

People believe it has power; the power to make changes, the power to make your dreams come true. The power to complete whatever make-over you choose.

The good thing about a magic wand is that it makes you dream about “what if and what can be.”

The bad thing about a magic wand is that it doesn’t work. Magic wands don’t have power. You do.

But if waving a magic wand is the catalyst that can make you dream and imagine, then by all means use it.

My own catalyst is a song by Elvis Presley, “Follow that Dream.” Yes, I’m aging myself however listening to it puts me into a “dream-power mode.”

I ask my clients, “If you could wave a magic wand over your business, what would it look like?” Then, the imagination and creativity juices start flowing.

I believe, as owners and leaders, we get too caught-up in the trenches, working out of a four-sided company box and unable to take a slice of down-time to imagine and dream.

If you don’t imagine it, it won’t happen.

Now, this is the amazing part: Most of what leaders dream or ‘visionize’ about is actually quite easy to achieve.

Whatever your catalyst is – a magic wand, a song, a hot shower, a walk in the woods or on the beach, don’t waste the God-given creative and imaginative powers of your mind.


The bad thing about a magic wand is that it doesn't work. Magic wands don't have power. You do. Click To Tweet###