One of the biggest challenges for independent ad agencies, both big and small, is establishing credibility, warming up to new prospects and ‘getting in the door.’

In a new-business conversation with members of a CEO Stars advisory group, the ad agency principals were looking for a concept much beyond the traditional approach – one that would position them as authentic leaders.

In CEO Stars, the collective knowledge and energy of each agency leader, easily lends itself to ‘beyond the bounds’ opportunities, not found anywhere else.

Result: The agency principals collaborated to publish a book.

Each agency CEO was responsible for a chapter based on their respective areas of expertise. Decisions were made on the format, photography and the cover. Each agency CEO, besides writing their own chapter, took responsibility for other critical functions: formatting, proof reading, image resolutions, designing the front and back cover. In addition, preparations were made for a Kindle version, a web page and the availability to access a chapter and capture prospect data online.

From the early seeds of an idea to a finished product, through the many “change this, change that” conversations, the agency owners were rewarded with something most business leaders will never have: a book with their name on it.

A Guide to Surviving the Seismic Shift in Marketing is an essential guide to marketing for the C-suite, written by eight marketing agency owners. Drawing on their years of experience with top brands, these innovators tell their successful marketing stories from the trenches.

A testament to the value of CEO Stars, the agency owners are now bona fide authors and genuine leaders in their respective fields, using the book to successfully market themselves, their agencies and of course, ‘getting in the door.’

The journey from start to completion was more than just a great writing exercise. The project allowed each agency owner to re-evaluate their organization’s strength and laser-in on their core focus. In addition, it was an exercise in bonding and compromising, with some good laughs thrown into the mix.

Like having your name eternally etched on a championship trophy, these agency leaders’ names are eternally authored in a book, where the value will be returned in pride and in business.